A long, long time ago, before he was the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger had the honor of portraying the Terminator. But true fans already know that, and this selection of Terminator T-shirts is designed just for them. (Let’s be honest, though, everyone knows that.) From the self-aware Skynet to the post-apocalyptic aftermath, our selection includes a Terminator T-shirt that’s designed to help you celebrate the super cyborg. From Judgment Day to Salvation, it’s easy to see just why Terminator has gained such a cult following, and thanks to Schwarzenegger and James Cameron, it’s not likely to die down anytime soon.

Our selection of Terminator shirts includes a size, design and color made especially for you. We’ve got Terminator T-shirts that feature the words “resist” and “salvation” beneath iconic images from the movie franchise. The artful renderings of the Terminator himself should be enough to sell you, because they showcase the cyborg in painstaking detail, but we’ve got shirts that honor so many of the film’s best moments, it’s going to be hard to choose. We also carry Terminator shirts that honor the most recent film made, the 2009 version, with glorious attention to detail. It doesn’t matter which film in the franchise was your favorite, because we’ve got a shirt to cover each one.

All of our T-shirts are printed on soft, 6 ounce cotton T-shirt blanks and are officially licensed. We’ve got shirts in every size for every type of fan, including a Terminator XXL shirt and standard fit sizes starting at small. Just remember Terminator’s famous last words: “I’ll be back.” Seriously though, a new film is set to debut in 2015, proving that the Term is always true to his word.