Naruto Action Swirls Seatbelt Belt

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Naruto Action Swirls Seatbelt Belt
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Naruto Action Swirls Seatbelt Belt

Naruto wields a Rasengan ball on this cool Naruto belt! The Naruto Action Swirls Seatbelt Belt is gray with a silver metal seatbelt-style buckle, adjustable from 24-inch to 42-inch waist sizes. The buckle has the title logo for the anime series Naruto Shippuden. The belt features the title logo in orange letters, swirls and symbols from the series, and a portrait of Hidden Leaf Village ninja Naruto Uzumaki holding the spinning blue ball of chakra in his hand. "Dattebayo!"

Product Details

Color: Gray
Brands: Naruto
Product-Type: Accessories
Prod-Type-Spec: Belt
Category-Tag: Cartoons
Features: Adjustable: 24 to 42 Inch Waist
bullet-point-2: 1.5 Inch Width
bullet-point-3: Metal Seat Belt Buckle Closure
bullet-point-4: Not a Safety Device
date-added: 20170727