Power Rangers Gift Box

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Power Rangers Gift Box
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Power Rangers Gift Box

Help your friends celebrate and get "Back To Action!" with this cool Power Rangers gift box power-packed with fun! The Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Gift Box includes a color-changing mug, five coasters, six mini-glasses, a can koozie and a lanyard, all featuring cool colors and artwork inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe and the new Power Rangers movie from Saban Entertainment.

It's always "Morphin' Time" with the centerpiece of this gift set, a 15-ounce, heat-activated coffee mug that switches from black to green and blazes with an action portrait of the Green Ranger throwing a martial arts punch! When it turns green the mug also displays the Green Ranger's "Dragonzord" power coin with a "white triangle" design pattern.

"Let's Rocket" with the mini-glass set, which includes shot glasses in six colors with white triangles and double images of golden power coins, including Green Dragon, Black Mastodon, Pink Pterodactyl, Blue Triceratops, Yellow Saber-Toothed Tiger, and Red Tyrannosaurus.

"Energize" with the set of five white coasters that display each of the power coins (except green) surrounded by their corresponding color and the words "Power Rangers."

"Go Galactic" with the can koozie, which is bright red with white triangles and two images of the Tyrannosaurus power coin of the Red Ranger.

"Power Up" with the lanyard, which has a clear plastic badge holder and a die-cut emblem featuring the dramatic yellow lightning bolt from the Power Rangers logo! The lanyard is blue on one side with images of power coins and the series' logo, while the other side has blue, red, black, yellow and pink panels framing portraits of the teen Power Rangers! "Go Go Power Rangers! Together We Are More!"

Product Details

Color: Multi
Brands: Power Rangers
Product-Type: Collectibles
Prod-Type-Spec: Combo
Category-Tag: Television
Features: Box Contains: Coffee Mug, 6 Pack Shot Glass Set, Lanyard, 5 Pack Coaster Set, and Can Holder
bullet-point-2: 15 Ounce Heat Change Coffee Mug
bullet-point-3: Lanyard Length: 20 Inches
bullet-point-4: Can Holder: Holds Standard 12 Ounce Can
bullet-point-5: $70.00 Retail Value of Box Contents
date-added: 20170322