Star Wars Dark Side T Shirt

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Star Wars Dark Side T Shirt
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Star Wars Dark Side T Shirt

As one of the darkest movie villains of all time, Dark Vader is the supreme representative to the dark side. This Darth Vader T-shirt features the masked villain himself above the phrase "Don't @*#! with the dark side." Between the menacing Vader and the black, authoritative look of this T-shirt, the swear word is obviously implied, so you can rock this T-shirt wherever you go without the risk of offending people. A black background and contrasting gray outline Vader in all his ominous glory. If you fancy yourself more a Sith than a Jedi, this Star Wars T-shirt is your ideal everyday attire.

The legend about the dark side of the Force says that Star Wars creator George Lucas held fast to the belief that "most bad people think they are good people," creating a uniquely complicated justification for both sides of the Star Wars galaxy. This clever T-shirt honors that and is perfect for fans who align themselves with the Vader camp. There's always two sides to every story, and this T-shirt just happens to show the dark one.

Product Details

Color: Black
Brands: Star Wars
Apparel-Type: Adult
Product-Type: Shirts
Shirt-Type: standard
Prod-Type-Spec: T-Shirt
Category-Tag: Movies
Features: 100% Cotton
date-added: 20110816