Superman Man of Steel Space T Shirt

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Superman Man of Steel Space T Shirt
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Superman Man of Steel Space T Shirt

Superman's origin in outer space is captured on this stylish T-shirt at Stylin' Online. The graphic, inspired by the movie Man of Steel, on this black T-shirt features Superman with blazing red eyes and a white stream of energy over his left shoulder. Superman's "S" shield is also visible on the shirt. The energy stream and shield are white and gray, with the only bursts of color on the T-shirt being provided by Superman's red eyes, the red "S' emblem on his chest and red highlights on his cape and boots.

The screen-printing on this shirt provides a unique look at the man of steel. He appears mysterious and intense rather than a superhero who enjoys being in the spotlight. This Superman aims to save the Earth from the same fate the fell on his home planet Krypton as the result of a military coup led by General Zod. In the movie, Zod has a plan to transform the Earth into a new Krypton by using a world engine. The transformation would lead to the destruction of mankind and Superman is the only person able to prevent this from happening. After Zod sets the world engine to begin the transformation process, Superman is able to destroy the world engine and eventually, he dispatches of Zod.

Product Details

Color: Black
Brands: Superman
Apparel-Type: Adult
Product-Type: Shirts
Shirt-Type: standard
Prod-Type-Spec: T-Shirt
Category-Tag: Comics
Features: 100% Cotton
date-added: 20130618