Hi-yo, Silver! Away! That's what you'll tell your trusty horse as soon as you're ready to ride into the sunset. And what do you think you should wear as you gallop into the wind? Do you think it's that tattered shirt that you purchased ages ago, with its assorted stains? That is a rhetorical question. Instead, why don't you pick up one of the beautifully designed shirts that are available in our collection of Lone Ranger tees? Don't think for a moment that you'll find more attractive apparel elsewhere-you simply won't. There's no need to ponder your options, as you have but one choice: purchase a Long Ranger T-shirt from us or face the wrath of the masked ranger!

Of course, we're just kidding, as the Lone Ranger would never abuse his talents to increase our profits. With his reliable sidekick, Tonto, the Ranger simply can't be bested, defeated or erased from popular culture. That's a fact, kemosabe.