Phil Dunphy sure does say some quote-worthy things, and what better way to show your love for his quirky American family than with a T-shirt celebrating the biggest of primetime TV bozos. Of course, "Modern Family" T-shirts would have to feature Phil, but Stylin Online's selection doesn't end there. Find Modern Family shirts that praise Jay Pritchett, Phil's dry and sarcastic father-in-law, in his own quote-worthy glory. The Dunphys get themselves into some funny situations, and Claire, Haley, Alex and Luke all know how to add some comic relief to the sometimes awkward situations Phil likes to put them in. All those times Phil put the family up to spite Gil Thorpe, the real estate agent across town (and Phil's self-admitted nemesis) have had viewers laughing out loud with delight. His harebrained schemes make the most lovable TV character. Add Gloria, Manny, Mitch and Cam, who all have their own comedic quirks, to the mix and this family is pretty much the funniest one to ever appear on primetime TV. And then there's Lilly, who's really beginning to grow up to be just like her adoptive parents. The Emmy award-winning series has attracted a swarm of dedicated fans, and there's no better way to celebrate that than with a "Modern Family" T-shirt. A 100 percent cotton heavyweight T-shirt depicting Phil Dunphy looking his usual confident and dapper self appears beneath a quote that reads "You're all the porn I need." The perfect gift for your significant other, this classic "Modern Family" shirt is sure to make fellow fans chuckle. Immortalizing one of the funniest moments of this show is what this T-shirt is all about and what better way to capture Phil's knuckle-headed personality than with a classic, graphic T-shirt? Any "Modern Family" fan knows that there is no better way.