Oh, boy. This selection of Quantum Leap apparel is designed specifically for the two types of fans out there: the Dr. Becketts and the Calaviccis. The Becketts, who may or may not suffer from the Swiss Cheese Effect, are the types of fans who love everything Quantum Leap related but don’t know too much about themselves. The Calaviccis, of course, are the cigar-smoking, womanizing sidekick types who tend to watch episodes between boxing matches and hot dates. No matter where you fall on the Quantum character spectrum, we’ve got a Quantum Leap T-shirt for you. Most of us like to think we’re somewhere in-between, with a little bit of Ziggy and Gooshie in there, too.

(This is the part where Beckett would leap into the scene of the next episode.) Our Quantum Leap T-shirts include some of the TV show’s best-loved characters, catchphrases and moments, including ones that feature wording that reads “Oh, boy!” and depictions of the time-travelling duo, Beckett and Calavicci. We’ve also got T-shirts that show the series’ iconic logo in all its early-90s glory over a plain, black background. All of our Quantum Leap shirts are printed on durable, 6-ounce cotton T-shirt blanks, so they’re built to be both incredibly comfortable and long-lasting. We offer T-shirts in sizes ranging from small to XXL, so you can find one for everyone invited to your next Quantum Leap episode watch party. Here at Stylin Online, we specialize in offering sci-fi apparel from all your favorite series’, including ones that have tragically been cancelled. Pull a Dr. Beckett and travel through time around our treasure trove of TV merchandise to see just what you’ve been missing.