You unlock this door with the key of imagination, into another dimension. You’ve just crossed over into The Twilight Zone. (Insert creepy Twilight Zone intro music here). Everyone knows the famous introduction to the psychological thriller and science fiction show, The Twilight Zone, and it’s no wonder why. The 1960s series created by Rod Sterling is one of the best original series’ ever created, and our selection of Twilight Zone merchandise is made to honor that.

Many of our Twilight Zone T-shirts take cues from that very introduction, with images of a swirling, black and white abyss beneath the words “I survived the Twilight Zone” and “I’m in the Twilight Zone.” Subtle hints of color and vintage-inspired images help these T-shirts pay tribute to the series, with no detail unaccounted for. We’ve even got a Twilight Zone shirt that includes the wording from the entire introduction in full, plus macabre icons made famous by the show, like a pocket watch, an eyeball and a floating man, all lost in a timeless, space-less black hole. True fans of the Twilight Zone will absolutely adore the references to the original horror series, leaving you with no excuse but to pass through into the other dimension.

Our Twilight Zone T-shirts come in sizes ranging from small to XXL and feature officially licensed screen-printed images that have been printed on soft, cotton T-shirt blanks. We carry both athletic fit and standard fit T-shirts, so you can determine which one suits your particular taste. It’s easy to see why the Writers Guild of America ranked The Twilight Zone the best written TV series ever made, and these T-shirts are designed to honor that.