Tetris Effect Pet Collar

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Tetris Effect Pet Collar
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Tetris Effect Pet Collar

If you dream about falling tetrominoes in your sleep, this Tetris pet collar is for you! The Tetris Effect Pet Collar is a black, 1-inch wide nylon strap, adjustable in length. It has a stainless steel D ring and a seatbelt-style buckle. The buckle features the title logo for the Tetris videogame. The belt features pink, black, purple and white Tetris shapes and the words "Tetris Effect," which occurs when a repeated activity begins to shape thoughts and dreams.

Product Details

Color: Black
Brands: Tetris
Product-Type: Housewares
Prod-Type-Spec: Pet Collar
Category-Tag: Video Games
Features: Adjustable Length
bullet-point-2: 1.0 Inch Width
bullet-point-3: Nylon Strap
bullet-point-4: Stainless Steel D Ring
bullet-point-5: Miniature Metal Seat Belt Buckle Closure
extended-prod-description: Pet Collar Sizing Information:

Small: 9 - 15 Inches
Medium: 11 - 17 Inches
Large: 15 - 26 Inches
date-added: 20150107