A BioShock T-shirt a day keeps the Big Daddy away. OK, that may not be true, but this "BioShock Infinite" T-shirt is pretty much bullet proof. OK, that's probably not true either. But it is stylish and comfortable, and it does help you achieve your ultimate goal of showing your fandom to this adored first-person shooter game. BioShock's popularity is no mystery - the cartoonish gore, dream-like setting and heroic characters make the alternate universe of Columbia seem rather heavenly. If you play this game, you're probably pretty used to finding creative ways to combat, including using a unique mix of genetic modifications and good old firearms to murder dozens of villains hurled at you every minute. That's why you should always show your allegiance to the cause and be proud of what you've accomplished by wearing this stylish BioShock shirt. Gamers know that you have to be comfortable while playing, and this selection of BioShock T-shirts, made from 100 percent cotton, include the perfect thing to wear while blasting off the head of the enemy. The black logo T-shirt features text reading "BioShock Infinite," stylized to look patriotic. Since Columbia residents worship the Founding Fathers, this red, white and blue design creates the ultimate tribute to the game. Available in sizes from small to XXL, this T-shirt features double shields and a weathered-looking logo, making it stylish and eye-catching. Even if you've seen Columbia's bad side, you probably still enjoy the endless hours of fun this historical fantasy game provides, so you should pick up one of these fan T-shirts to wear so everyone knows it. For the gamer who rarely leaves the realm of fantasy, a BioShock T-shirt is the perfect gift. If you wear this shirt long enough, you may even get the chance to save your Elizabeth.