Put on one of your Metroid shirts and get ready to step into the future. These officially licensed Metroid short-sleeved shirts include Samus Aran from the Metroid Prime series. She is one of Nintendo?s greatest super fighters and one of the first significant female protagonists. She is the intergalactic bounty hunter who is on a mission to stop the Space Pirates in their menacing tracks. Protected by her body suit and armed with killer weapons, she is ready to fight the Metroids that get in her path.

The graphic T-shirts celebrate the comeback of the popular action-adventure video game and its futuristic, unique super heroine. Metroid devotees can think about their many explorations while playing the games every time they put on their shirt made of 100 percent cotton. Comfy, modern and retro at the same time, these shirts will attract your fellow Metroid fans and could spark conversations about which Metroid game is your favorite. The game, the music, the heroine and the adventures have had a lasting effect on game players and have created fans for life. Make the connection with others like you by wearing this short-sleeve shirt.

Each shirt features Samus Aran in all her bright-colored glory, standing confident, ready to shoot with her armored exoskeleton suit like a souped-up, futuristic football player, balanced by her slim waist and super-serious mission. This action figure can take on aliens and entire planets. And she has had a lasting effect on those who can relate to her isolated nature and her advancements in the video game world as a major female character. Many long-time fans fondly recall that first shocking time they discovered her gender. Whether you?re a diehard fan who makes a point of playing a Metroid game frequently or you fondly remember those many times you took on Space Pirates as you controlled Samus, you need to get one of these Metroid shirts.