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Get ready to rock! To have the best gaming experience, you should let yourself get completely in character by surrounding yourself with symbols from your favorite game, including skulls, a growling tiger, a splayed octopus and Rock Band’s sharply angled logo. Whenever you perform, you want to look like a rock star and feel like a rock star, even if is just from the comfort of your own home. When you have the right gear, your legions of fans will scream at you to rock some more.

Stylin Online sells the type of items that actual rock musicians use when they are on the road, whether they need the Rock Band Gargoyle Wallet to carry their cash, the Rock Band Skull Hat to give off an air of aloof coolness and scare off stalkers, or a patch to highlight their allegiance to their fellow Rock Band members. Choose your favorite Rock Band accessory depending on what era of music you tend to play most. And use the Rock Band belt buckle to subtly share your love of the game whenever you can pull yourself away from rocking out. You will rock out even harder with any of these Rock Band accessories from Stylin Online.