Wolverine Weapon X T Shirt Sheer

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Wolverine Weapon X T Shirt Sheer
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Wolverine Weapon X T Shirt Sheer

This Wolverine t shirt features a graphic image of Logan being bonded to adamantium as he is turned into a soulless killing machine! The Wolverine Weapon X T Shirt Sheer is black with a distressed print, a soft feel and a trim fit. The front features a reproduction of the cover from the 1993 paperback reprint of the Wolverine: Weapon X story arc, originally from Marvel Comics Presents # 72-84 from 1988, by writer and artist Barry Windsor-Smith.

Product Details

Color: Black
Brands: X Men
Apparel-Type: Adult
Product-Type: Shirts
Shirt-Type: athletic
Prod-Type-Spec: T-Shirt Sheer
Category-Tag: Comics
Features: 100% Cotton
bullet-point-2: Distressed Print
bullet-point-3: Jack of All Trades Shirt
date-added: 20131106